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Lifestyle photography within food photography is often encountered in editorial work. Lifestyle photography focuses a little more on things surrounding the dish, the products or the drink. It is about the total picture, often photographed in a certain style and atmosphere. The entire setting is important and everything that comes into view has a meaning. A stylist often has an important role and 'food' will be more present in the background. Most of the time these are images that appear in a series and are being used to support a main photo (for example the complete dish). Or in editorials: to give an atmosphere and mood to the reader and/or the text. A way of life; lifestyle.

Lifestyle footage is a reflection of a certain way of life and everything that goes with it (sport, culture, food, drink, fashion, living, music, habits, etc). It can be a vision, a dream, but also current events. With lifestyle photography we can capture and propagate that: you are able to involve people and let images form an idea. E.g. an exterior, but also an interior image. The picture has to match the mood it has to convey. Also, in food photography within lifestyle photography, the food does not have to have a prominent role, or sometimes not at all (in a series) as long as it is relevant to the subject. Everything contributes to the overall picture, so that it qualifies as lifestyle photography.


Lifestyle photography & location/models

Sometimes lifestyle photography requires an external location to fully support the image. Not everything can be photographed or filmed in the same studio. We are flexible in this. For a lifestyle shoot, we adapt completely to the setting. As a full-service studio, we can bring all necessary equipment, light, props to the location. Sporadically we see concepts without a clear location. We have built a nice network of beautiful and fun locations where we can shoot, and of course we know many beautiful places in our own environment. We like to think along and, if necessary, arrange a suitable location for lifestyle photography.

The same goes for models. Models are often used in lifestyle photography. Sometimes only a part of the body (for food photography this is often a hand for example), sometimes a single person and sometimes groups or family/families. If there is a concept, but no concrete models have been arranged yet, we can also take care of the model casting. We have connections with various agencies that we like to work with. In this way a lifestyle photo or lifestyle film really becomes a complete picture.