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At Duivelseiland we are specialized in food photography and film. Photographing and filming dishes and products is our core business and also our passion. Good food should also look really good and that is exactly where we excel. We have many years of experience in culinary communication through image and motion, offering an excellent, high-quality basis for any food project. Food photography has many faces: lifestyle photography, advertising photography, splash photography, packshots, packaging, etc. We have extensive experience in complete food photography, snacks photography, fish photography, meat photography, ice cream photography, dairy and cheese photography, cake and dessert photography, tapas photography , candy photography, crisps photography, burger photography, fruit photography, drink photography, liqueur photography, wine photography, beer photography, coffee and tea photography, soda photography, and much more! View our portfolio for an impression of our all-round food photography.

In addition, props can be essential in food photography shots. An (empty) wine glass, an empty tapas board, special cutlery, one-of-a-kind plates and beautiful glasses can all be part of food photography without food on it. These kinds of photos or videos are often part of a larger series or are photographed separately to be able to add to a production later on. It is important that the light is at its best. An aluminum teapot with reflections is not easy to photograph. It takes a lot of work and experience to get rid of flares and reflections. But we strive for perfection! Food photography does not always have to revolve around food, but also manifests itself in other categories.


Foodstyling and food photography

We have a large network of skilled food stylists to make our food photos a success. Quality is our top priority and we demand nothing less from the people we work with. We strive to take every dish, every product and every photo to the next level. Sometimes the customer is present to discuss the desired result, so that every image gets the right touch. Foodstyling plays a huge role in the creation of culinary photography. We therefore have a large in-house kitchen where the dishes can be prepared and the foodstylist can work as optimally as possible. It's always an art to make dishes shine and do justice to every ingredient. We then set up the set so that we have everything ready to finish the styled dish with food photography.