Food film Portfolio

Duivelseiland food photography AND food film

In addition to food photography, at Duivelseiland we also produce food film, which makes us so versatile. Moving images increasingly play a role in the expressions of brands. In addition, with a 5g network, there is also an increasing demand for motion for various purposes, such as websites, narrow casting, order kiosks, menus, etc. These, often short clips, are also often used for social media as a supplement to, or as an alternative for a still image campaign. Filming on location is also possible with us. A campaign or production sometimes requires a different setting or a specific kitchen. We can take our equipment with us, so we can shoot in the same quality as in our studio. Not only does food film attract a lot more attention from the viewer, purely because it moves, but you can show a lot more products or services in a short time.


Video marketing and food film

Foodfilm can therefore play a significant role in marketing on multiple platforms. A film production can be relatively large, think of instructional videos for example, but it can also be smaller productions, such as a short clip on Instagram. Food film lives, speaks and conveys the message optimally to the segmented audience and is therefore so effective.


Different kinds of food film

Within food film, different categories can be distinguished. For example, show reels are used to present a company. In addition, you have a 'normal' commercial for TV, websites and social media. More often we see that short clips are used on social media, because the viewer's attention is short-lived.

Within these different productions of food films, various techniques can also be chosen: ingredient drop, slow motion, timelaps, split screen video, etc. In the jungle of video possibilities, we will always look at the purpose of the message and the audience. Based on the marketing data, a format can be chosen that suits the recipients and the demand best. This can, of course, also be a combination of film and photo, and different techniques can be used within this combo.