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Commercial photography in our studio

Another specialty within food photography is commercial photography. Commercial photography is based on a concept and the product or service is (usually) central to the photo. A good commercial photo or video needs a concrete and good concept. We are often already involved in the concept development, in order to be able to think along in the creative-photographic field. The concept is essential for the end result on image. The object or service that the commercial revolves around is often completely styled. Think of a stylist, make-up artist, models, location, props, etc. This can be a photo, but also film. The commercial or advertisement is being placed in a set, but there are several possibilities within commercial photography.


Packshots &  product photography

'Packshots' is a photography genre within advertising photography in which the product is photographed very sharply against a white background. The aim is to have the product with packaging as clear as possible in the picture, so that one can clearly see what a product looks like (what color it has, what the material is, what shape it has, etc). Unlike product photography, packshot photography is all about the product and nothing else. In product photography just a little more happens; the product gets something extra.

In product photography, the background is usually not smooth, but forms a reinforcing element. It is very clean, as you see a lot with commercial photography, for example. Product photography is therefore widely used within that genre. The product itself always has something extra that magnifies the core properties of the product. This can be drops on a glass of beer, a splash, or a reflection of the product.


Packaging photography

An apparently simple, yet very specific branch of sport is packaging photography. This concerns the photography of products that are displayed on packaging. These are often photos of the product in different settings. An important principle in packaging photography is that the photos on the packaging must optimally present the core values ​​of the product on the store shelf. This can, again, be part of commercial photography.

Packaging photography involves taking multiple photos of the same product in different situations. This is being done to indicate which product it concerns and which details belong to the product on the packaging. The exact interpretation of this photography is different for each product. Food styling and photo styling are often necessary.

Unlike regular photography, packaging photography must take into account the shape of the packaging, and therefore on which side or sides the product will be displayed. So we work only two-dimensionally, but also three-dimensionally. Commercial photography can therefore consist of different genres, the concept or the goal is leading.